Friday, September 05, 2014

Stepping outside of your comfort zone--Family Photographer Anne Arundel County

As the days drew nearer to the date of this photo shoot I began to worry. We had rain on the forecast for the entire weekend and we couldn’t reschedule because they were moving out of the area. I called the morning of the photo shoot to double-check what their thoughts on the situation were and they wanted to proceed. As I drove through the pouring rain I began to fret over where we may end up since I had never had a shoot at this particular spot. I thought to myself, “Perfect, I didn’t even bring an umbrella.” It was still raining as they pulled up and I found an umbrella in my daughter’s dance bag and we just went for it. We did some with each of the umbrellas we had out along the pond and then I spotted a dry area in an office complex that we were able to monopolize and put the baby down. I just loved the ones of him crawling around. We took a stroll around the office building stopping for pictures along the way, everything turned out just as it should. There are just some days you have to work outside of your comfort zone.

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