Friday, March 17, 2017

Setting a Goal

I think I need to set some goals as far as my blog is concerned. I have so many gorgeous photos I can share and just never seem to add anything to this blog. So my goal for 2017 is to make at least ONE post to my blog per month. I think that if I stick to something small than it will become a habit and next year hopefully my goal could be something larger. I think part of the reason I don't post to my blog is that I feel that a blog post of photos still needs to be accompanied by something written. I read tons of blogs on all different topics and they all have something in common, a good story. When I post to Facebook I hardly ever add the story behind the photo. Every photo has a story and as a photographer I want the viewer to be able to look at a photo and feel the story. Just maybe, through developing a good habit I can become a BLOGGER as well.

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